Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3 Years Ago Today....

I married the most amazing man!  It's crazy to think how fast these 3 years have went.  We've had good and bad times, but we've  got through them and become a stronger couple because of them.  I thank God each and everyday for bringing Jason into my life.  He's such an amazing friend, father, brother, son and husband.  He also gave me a beautiful daughter whom means the world to me!  I'm so lucky to have a wonderful family.  I wouldn't change one thing about our special day....o wait yes, I would have.  I would have had a spring wedding!  It was 115+ degrees on the day we got married; it was miserable!  ( I like to blame our wedding date on Jason; I wanted to get married in May)  But I still love you JASON!

And even though the KC Chiefs are in town and my husband will be spending all his waking moments today with them I still love him and hope he knows how happy he makes me!  Here are a few pictures from our special day.