Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Little Dancer

 Jasey began dance when she was about 18 months old.  My chiropractor's assistant, Jillian started her own studio.  Most kids aren't allowed to start until they're atleast 2, but since she knew us and loved Jasey she let her join early. Jillian is very talented and loves all her girls.  She has many awards for her dance throughout her life.  She started dancing when she was 3 and she even danced for a year in Las Vegas at The Tropicana!

The last of July Jasey had her 2nd dance recital and I feel she has came a long ways since her 1st recital last December.  She really enjoys the class and loves all her little friends.   They had the month of August off but we went back on Monday night.  She was like a new kid; it's amazing how much she's grown in a month.  She didn't get upset at all when I left her and when I got there to pick her up I watched her through the window and she did so well!  I'm so excited for her that she enjoys it and has so much fun.  I watched her in her new black leotard and purple tutu as she did her back bends and rolls. 

In Ethel, MO there is nothing like this and it is all new to Jason and I, but we're having fun watching her learn, play and make new friends.  And of course I like dressing her up in adorable outfits.  Daddy really wasn't liking the make up though!  Here are the pictures from her July Dance Recital.  They danced to I Wear My Sunglasses At Night!

Look at my girl; she's all grown up!
With one of their sunglass props.
It's almost impossible to get six 2-4 year olds to look at the camera at the same time.
Pretty good

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My First Wedding

My cousin, Sheryl took a job in Arizona and her and her fiance packed up everything, planned a wedding in about three weeks and left Missouri.  With her wedding plans being packed into three weeks finding a photographer was impossible....introduce me photographing my first wedding.  And when you photograph a wedding you need an assistant, right?  That's when it's nice to have a wonderful husband who likes to take pictures.  Our little church back home is OLD and very outdated so the pictures aren't spectacular because of backgrounds and ugly pew colors (orange) YUCK!  But I was pleased at the shots we took.  I don't think I'll probably do another wedding unless it's for a close friend or family member, just because of my inexperience.  I really do want to take a photography class so that I can learn more about my wonderful camera.  I also need a class in Photoshop or some other photo editing program.  Anyone know where they're offered at or a good way to learn more?Here are some pics and edits from John & Sheryl's special day; I hope you enjoy!

The beautiful bride, Sheryl

Tanner, the bride's son and best man
An edit of the last picture...just playing around!
My beautiful baby girl and the adorable flower girl!

Another shot of Tanner
All the little ones in the wedding.....I love this pic!
Another shot; full color.
Unity Candle
I couldn't get them both to look at me :(
The groom
Sheryl and her brother, Scott
Jasey & Kamberly....just too cute!
The new happy family!
Just a different shot of flowers
The MOH & Bridesmaid
One of my fav shots photographers do.
The beautiful cake
Tanner & John

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3 Years Ago Today....

I married the most amazing man!  It's crazy to think how fast these 3 years have went.  We've had good and bad times, but we've  got through them and become a stronger couple because of them.  I thank God each and everyday for bringing Jason into my life.  He's such an amazing friend, father, brother, son and husband.  He also gave me a beautiful daughter whom means the world to me!  I'm so lucky to have a wonderful family.  I wouldn't change one thing about our special day....o wait yes, I would have.  I would have had a spring wedding!  It was 115+ degrees on the day we got married; it was miserable!  ( I like to blame our wedding date on Jason; I wanted to get married in May)  But I still love you JASON!

And even though the KC Chiefs are in town and my husband will be spending all his waking moments today with them I still love him and hope he knows how happy he makes me!  Here are a few pictures from our special day.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring is FINALLY here!

I'm so glad that spring is here and we don't have to be cooped up in the house because of the cold. We have a huge yard and we definitely go out to play a lot. Jasey loves going outside and getting dirty. And no matter where she goes Bentley follows her. They're best buds! Jasey & Bent looking at the airplane.
My beautiful little girl!

Nothing like playing in the rain puddles!

Daddy's girl; playing on the bear!

Definitely PaPa's little farmer--riding her Case IH! RED POWER!


We took Jasey to the Moila Shrine Circus for the 2nd year. She really enjoys it and the money goes to a very good cause. One of my best friends growing up was born without a hip bone and the Shriner's Hospital in St. Louis helped her through many surgeries that her parents could never afforded. She is now very healthy and outgoing because of them.

We had a great time as a family and I was glad we were able to be together, eat a snowcone and laugh! We have so few of those moments because of our different schedules!

The hoola hoop girl! Jasey was amazed (let's face it I was too!)
My little clown!

Jasey posing by the elephants--she loves them!

They had bears driving bikes and motorcycles--CRAZY!

And the puppy dogs!

Jasey, Aunt Nandi and the clown; she didn't know what to think of him.

She couldn't take her eyes off of him; not sure what to think!